Don’t Short-circuit Your Skype Job Interview with Poor Planning

Whether you are comfortable with current web-based trends in job interviewing or not, you must be prepared to use Skype or similar conferencing software to find a great job. Since the applicant usually has to follow the lead of the prospective employer in how an interview is to be conducted, indicating the inability to use conferencing tools can be compromising to your chances.

Here are three things to keep in mind when preparing for a Skype job interview.

Make sure your computer technology is able to handle the process without problems. Reliable internet connectivity is essential. Internet access that is slow and unreliable is not acceptable. If you don’t have broadband internet, consider getting it before your interview; make sure any internet inconsistencies are diagnosed and resolved before the interview. In addition, ensure that your computer meets the specifications required to handle Skype technology. If you cut off the person(s) conducting the interview (especially more than once) because of faulty internet access or inadequate computer capabilities, you can count on it impacting your chances of getting the position.

Treat the Interview as you would if you were on-location at the employer’s location. People tend to downplay the importance of maintaining an appropriate business approach and appearance during Skye interviews. Wear appropriate business attire even if you are not doing a video conference call. For most people, it is actually hard to give a polished professional presentation while in shorts, pajamas, sandals, etc. Relatedly, make sure the room is presentable—no crooked pictures, clothes strewn on furniture, etc. This is certainly the case during video conferencing for obvious reasons. However, take the process seriously even when just audio conferencing and dress and set up the room properly for the occasion.

Review your Skype profile and check mic and camera placement before the call.
Participants on a Skype call will be able to see at least some of your profile. Before the interview, take time to create or edit your profile to be business-like and focused on your job-related skills and talents. Also, double and even triple check the volume level and camera angle to make sure you can hear clearly and that the camera is showing you optimally. Having the camera zoomed too close will make your face seem cartoonish and too far will make your appearance hard to pick up. Also, maintain good eye contact into the camera, as well as correct posture (not slouching or leaning in one direction or another). Remember that people can easily pick up on noises you make during the teleconferencing call, so typing on your computer, sipping a drink, or even tapping a pencil can be compromising if your mic is poorly placed.

Skype and similar teleconferencing tools can boost productivity and save considerable time by not having to travel to different locations. However, do not take the technology for granted and take steps to be well prepared for the Skype interview. Finding a great job may be in the balance.

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