Top Computer Skills and Digital Savvy Every Applicant Should Brush Up On


Technology is ever changing and ever important in today’s job market. Most positions require use of some kind of technology, from email to Microsoft programs and even social media. Applications generally include questions regarding an applicant’s proficiency in certain computer skills.

Brushing up on certain computer skills could increase your chances of standing out to an employer. Here are some of the most valuable technology related skills every applicant should show proficiency in:

Microsoft Office skills are a must

Knowing how to use Microsoft Word is one thing, but how about the rest of the Microsoft suite? Many employers are looking for applicants with a working knowledge of Excel and PowerPoint as well. A great resource for brushing up on your Microsoft Office skills is

This online computer skills learning center provides basic proficiency courses in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint free of charge. Users also have the option to pay for more advanced training.

Working with email is standard in just about every job

From Outlook to Gmail, each email platform has its own special features, and knowing how to operate an email platform successfully is necessary for seamless communication.

Make sure you are comfortable:

  • Attaching documents
  • Sending live web links
  • Creating contact groups
  • Sending mass emails
  • Looking up and adding email addresses in the contacts
  • Create calendar reminders
  • Create event invites

Most email platforms are much more than just sending notes back and forth. Calendars and reminders, alarms and notes are all readily available in your email platform, and many businesses use more than one of these features.

Brush up on your knowledge of social media

You might not have a Facebook account or a Twitter profile, but making sure you are comfortable with how each platform operates could set you apart from the competition.

Businesses regularly use these platforms for community engagement, posting events, and advertising.

Additionally, having a LinkedIn profile is essential in today’s digital world. LinkedIn is a great place to find jobs, connect with people in your industry, and network with local professionals.  You can learn more about each social network and the purpose of social media with this guide.

Stay current with phone applications

Phone applications, known as “apps,” have become a part of daily life. Recently during an interview, an employer asked an applicant to tell him about the top three apps she uses and why. The job was for a sales position, which reiterates the need for applicants to stay up to date in the tech world.

Apps encompass much more than what is factory installed on your phone. There are apps to create grocery lists, edit photos, scan photos and documents, meditate, keep track of budgets, and create notes and memos, plus so much more.

Some apps to check out are:

These are just a few examples of the tons of apps available. What kind of apps you are familiar with gives an employer insight into how you use technology on a daily basis, which can say quite a bit about your comfort level with technology.

Computer skills and technology know-how don’t have to be complicated. Luckily, there are resources available to learn more about tech you might not be familiar with or brush up on computer skills you might not have used in a while.

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