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Steven Watson - Job SearchJobsearch-tampabay.com was created and is managed by Steven Watson, PhD, CPRW with a focus on providing people with the information and tools to create dynamic, personalized job search campaigns that enable them to achieve their employment goals. Finding a great job not only meets essential financial needs, but directly relates to improved self-esteem and problem solving, as well as a much more positive attitude about life in general.

Over the past 12 years, Steven has built an impressive reputation for completing targeted career documents, such as résumés, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, and bios that are critical ingredients to a successful job search campaign. He leverages his diverse professional background with passion for helping people succeed to assist clients from a wide range of career tracks and levels.

Steven has served as an executive, small business owner, mental health counselor, and research consultant, a mix of professions that drives his customer-centric, quality- and deadline-sensitive commitment to his clients. He remains current on the rapidly evolving nature of professional résumé writing which enables his clients to compete successfully with people having similar backgrounds and experience.  He demonstrates great skill in showcasing clients’ talents, experience, and attributes that build their confidence and generates positive attention from prospective employers.

Steven has also served as a hiring official for private and public sector organizations, so has a good understanding of how selection decisions are made from both the employer’s and applicant’s perspective.

You can learn more about Steven’s background by accessing his LinkedIn profile.

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